What is MrOwl?

What is MrOwl?

MrOwl is a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud all in one app. Save it. Find it. Share it.

  • Save it. Free unlimited cloud storage for content you share with the world.*
  • Find it. Simultaneously search your cloud, computer files and the internet together.
  • Share it. Connect and collaborate with a community and discover what others have shared.

On MrOwl, consumers build collections, called “branches,” with subtopics, links, documents and media. Users can upload gigabytes of data with a few clicks and have it automatically organized into a MrOwl “branch” that is shareable and searchable.

Now you can save it once, and search it infinitely. Simultaneously search the cloud, your computer, and the internet all together, because they all belong in one search box. Plus, you can come find what others users have shared on MrOwl.

It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate with endless communities and discover what others have shared. MrOwl offers a free tier with up to 10GB of private storage and free unlimited storage for content that is shared to the world. MrOwl also offers premium plans for more storage, increased user privacy and an ad-free environment.

* Free unlimited files stored in public branches up to 20MB per file. See terms for full details.