MrOwl has two openings for Senior Software Engineer in Albuquerque, NM to play key role in assisting company in building a new technology using Java, C, and C++ in a Linux environment; use search engine technologies such as Lucene to craft search engine tools and other applications to facilitate web search; create customized search capabilities for applications specific to MrOwl technology; develop and implement proprietary methods for enabling index queries documents to match search terms; create collections of fields representing document content, metadata, and other related data; and perform development and enhancement of core computing technology related to patented company search engines. Requires U.S. Master's degree in computer science or a related field plus 2 years' experience using Java, C, and C++ in a Linux environment; using object-oriented programming to build a cloud computing platform utilizing databases; designing database structures; managing databases and using data mining to put information into databases; designing and maintaining cloud computing platform security; and using machine learning and knowledge of neural networks to write software to learn patterns from existing data and adapt the technology accordingly. Telecommuting is permitted. Reply by email with resume to